Monday, September 21, 2015

May God protect us from Pope Francis

With his new streamlined annulment decree, the Pope is finally showing his hand. He intends to contradict 2000 years of Catholic dogma and negate Christ's extremely clear teaching on marriage. The openly expressed intention of these reforms will be to fast-track "millions" of new "annulments" that are, in reality, Catholic divorces. There will be no true fact-finding discernment about the validity of an individual marriage; this is a blatant fig leaf to rubber stamp civil divorces by pseudo-Catholics, as is done by the Eastern schismatics. This Pope is looking more and more like one of the anti-Christ's forerunners as spoken of in the Scriptures, and the upcoming Synod on the Family will definitely be a major- and perhaps definitive- battlefield as he seeks the downfall of the Church. The open heretics (Kasper, Cupich, Wuerl, Bode, Marx) and the abettors of abortion and child abuse (Daneels) that this Pope has hand-picked to participate in the upcoming Synod on the Family clearly demonstrate this Pope's true beliefs and his ultimate endgame: destroy the Church through the destruction of marriage. Not only will an official papal decree nullifying Christ's prohibition on divorce and remarriage destroy the family, but it will immediately undermine the supernatural claims of the Catholic Church. If the Church denies its own dogmas and starts teaching something opposite of what we have always believed, then the gates of Hell have prevailed, and no amount of sophistry, logic-chopping and obfuscation and outright denial will convince anyone otherwise.