Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil

Disgraceful goings-on in this Archdiocese, under the leadership of our so-called "conservative" archbishop: Cardinal Hayes High School hosted a big event honoring Regis Philbin and Helen Gurley Brown for their donations to the school. Archbishop Dolan himself said a Mass that day and announced that Ms. Brown was donating a million dollars to the school for "scholarships and special programs". Perhaps realizing the scandal here, Catholic New York downplayed Brown's presence at the ceremony and her donation, as if it were an afterthought or an incidental occurrence that took everyone by surprise, as if she showed up on her own and decided to make her donation on a whim. But it is hardly plausible that a million dollar gift from one of America's most notorious public figures wasn't a centerpiece of this event and didn't happen without the full foreknowledge of everyone involved. And whoever wrote or edited the article knew that this was a disgrace.

Helen Gurley Brown is evil incarnate. She is one of the Sexual Revolution's original insurgents. She has perhaps done more than anyone else to corrupt American womanhood over the past 50 years, with her incessant propaganda for sexual hedonism. Her gift is blood money of the most corrupting sort, as she has always used her very influential voice to make abortion acceptable to American women. And what does our putative spiritual shepherd do when this vile whore proffers a treasure made off of broken lives, ruined souls and dead babies? He extends his flabby hand, takes her donation and says thank you. What a moral lesson it would have been for that high school and this archdiocese if the archbishop told her to keep her filthy money and repent! His action teaches those young men that money trumps all, even honor. A Gina Aceto wrote a letter to Catholic New York to express her outrage.

I thought that Brown was the only objectionable issue at that ceremony, but now I see that Regis Philbin is a divorced man. I wonder if he took Communion from the Archbishop's hands?

On a similar note, Catholic New York had a small item about how Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius XM satellite radio, was given an award at the Telecare Award of Excellence luncheon, which is sponsored by Telecare TV, some sort of Catholic production company, headed by a Monsignor Jim Vlaun. Cardinal Egan attended the luncheon as well, since he had collaborated with Karmazin to start the Catholic Channel on Sirius radio, where it is one of 130 channels that subscribers can listen to. In Karmazin's long and sordid career, he has pumped so much moral filth into the American mind, that it's a sure bet he's a greater evil than even Helen Gurley Brown. Yet, the Catholic Church honors this mass poisoner of souls because he gave us 1 channel out of 130 on a radio station that is quickly going downhill. Again, why don't our priests and bishops seem to have a moral compass or any common sense?

Friday, November 12, 2010


This ad for St. Adalbert's school appeared in a Staten Island magazine for parents. In an interesting move, the word "Catholic" appears nowhere in the ad. Why?

In addition, if you look closely at the photograph, you'll see a group of students with an elderly veteran who is making a peace sign. Typical of modern America and fatuous modern Catholicism, this picture represents our repulsion for anything that suggests dignity: all must be degraded in the service of equality. So someone-maybe the smart-a** students or the hip photographer- saw this elderly veteran in his VFW uniform, and decided it would be hilarious to have him act the fool and impair his dignity. It's an affront to this modern age, with its mixed-up standards, to tolerate any notion that implies that one person or one value is better than another. Therefore, dignity, holiness, morality, reason, beauty, must be mocked, undermined and destroyed in pursuit of lunatic egalitarianism and relativism. "Who does he think he is, with his grey hair and his medals? Does he think he's better than us??"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PLanned Parenthood on Staten Island

In a recent church bulletin was an insert from the Respect Life Committee of the Staten Island Vicariate, warning us that Planned Parenthood has opened up a mobile clinic on Central Avenue and Slosson Terrace on Mondays from 10-4. They expect to be open three days a week next year, in the office space of Community Health Action on Hyatt Street. The Respect Life Committee, which is made up of Dolores Celentano, Joann Fitzgerald, Deacon James Stahlnecker and its chairman Rev. Peter Byrne, announces that they are holding prayer vigils at the clinic each Monday and want other people to join them.