Friday, November 12, 2010


This ad for St. Adalbert's school appeared in a Staten Island magazine for parents. In an interesting move, the word "Catholic" appears nowhere in the ad. Why?

In addition, if you look closely at the photograph, you'll see a group of students with an elderly veteran who is making a peace sign. Typical of modern America and fatuous modern Catholicism, this picture represents our repulsion for anything that suggests dignity: all must be degraded in the service of equality. So someone-maybe the smart-a** students or the hip photographer- saw this elderly veteran in his VFW uniform, and decided it would be hilarious to have him act the fool and impair his dignity. It's an affront to this modern age, with its mixed-up standards, to tolerate any notion that implies that one person or one value is better than another. Therefore, dignity, holiness, morality, reason, beauty, must be mocked, undermined and destroyed in pursuit of lunatic egalitarianism and relativism. "Who does he think he is, with his grey hair and his medals? Does he think he's better than us??"

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