Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another humiliation. Another defeat

Late in the afternoon last Friday it was reported that the St. Francis Center for Spirituality was on the verge of being sold to a "religious organization". In addition to the secrecy surrounding this sale, as well as the euphemistic term being used for this shadowy buyer, it is speculated that an Islamic organization- perhaps the MAS (Muslim American Society) which was thwarted in its designs on the St. Margaret Mary convent- will soon be sounding the call to prayer from minarets where bells once rang to announce the Eucharistic Sacrifice. As one of the commentators on silive said, "The Catholic Church is giving up on Catholics".

Whether the mystery buyer does turn out to be a Moslem organization or a Hindu temple, a Protestant worship center or a Jewish shul, the fact remains that a sacred space of God's One True Faith- where once God's priests were trained up for His service and where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was once offered-  will now be turned over for profanation and blasphemy, with crosses torn down, statues smashed, icons trashed, and the images of God and his saints defaced and whitewashed; perhaps the fate that befell Mount Manresa would be preferable to that which is going to happen to the St. Francis Friary. And our Catholic leaders do....what?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Children

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan is running for Congress to replace Michael Grimm. A
pretty standard-issue local RINO (Republican In Name Only) who supports abortion, Donovan will most likely coast to victory in the special election next week. Where this race gets interesting is in the 58 year old Donovan's announcement that he is expecting a bastard child (bastard, noun, a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child) with his 44 year old, divorced concubine (concubine, noun, 1. a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not legally married). Donovan, a baptized Catholic whose working-class parents sacrificed to send him to Farrell High School, is now going about flaunting his sinful relationship and the child that, undoubtedly, they never planned to have. As if Donovan's disrespect and disregard for the Faith and for Marriage wasn't made manifest enough by his immoral lifestyle, he can be seen in this Facebook photo mocking sacramental Marriage by playing the part of officiant at the wedding of some friend or relative of his concubine's.

Although Donovan is unique, for a man of his age, in having such a young and attractive concubine and actually having a baby with her, his lifestyle is actually pretty common now for pseudo-Catholic Staten Islanders in their 40s, 50s and 60s. It is incredible to see these older people who were raised in strong Catholic families, grew up in a strong Catholic environment and educated in good Catholic schools putting away their spouses and shacking up with their lovers, as if they had never known the Faith or heard of anything called morality. And what's worse is that everyone here treats their behavior as if were perfectly normal and acceptable. It's one thing for twenty-somethings to be doing this, having been marinated their entire lives in degenerate media, broken homes, and public schools, but to see our elders- who had first hand experience of a better world- living like this is pathetic and disappointing. Sorry- Donovan is a dishonorable and disgraceful libertine who is living in adultery with a concubine who just happens to be another man's wife. St. John the Baptist and St. Thomas More suffered martyrdom for saying such things to kings. This lawyer, Donovan, needs to know that if even royalty are subject to the laws of God, then so are local politicians. He doesn't get my vote or my respect. 

Pseudo-Catholic Staten Islanders

The Rev. Michael Martine, former pastor of St. Joseph's in Rosebank and current pastor of Holy Rosary, recently penned an opinion piece for the Advance in which he, calmly and dispassionately, laid forth the Church's position on euthanasia. This is noteworthy first because a local Catholic priest has actually shown a bit of courage and and took a public stand on a somewhat controversial issue. That in itself is as noteworthy as Halley's Comet. But the second thing about this article to note is the vitriol expressed in the comments section of the article. It has garnered more than 200 mostly negative comments, which is even more than is usually left for those other subjects which outrage Staten Islanders the most: namely Al Sharpton and potholes. Nothing gives pseudo-Catholic Staten Islanders more apoplexy than a Catholic priest actually telling them what is right and wrong. It is true that ex-Catholics usually make the worst anti-Catholics, but it is also true that pseudo-Catholics- that basically pagan breed- so prevalent on Staten Island- who hate the Faith but inexplicably retain the identity, are a pretty nasty enemy as well.

Ted Hesburgh and Staten Island

The recent death of Father Ted Hesburgh of the University of Notre Dame elicited the usual nauseating panegyrics from the secular media. In the midst of all the encomia was a surprising article in the Staten Island Advance, written by a distant relative who revealed that Father Hesburgh had roots on Staten Island and came back often to visit after his family moved away. Contrary to the sentimental recollections recounted in the article, the truth is that Father Hesburgh was a notorious heretic who worked day and night for 40 years to undermine the Catholic Church and destroy Catholic higher education. Watch this video for more information.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Staten Island Catholics

The Advance is interested in interviewing Staten Island Catholics, whether practicing or fallen-away: click here.

I would encourage the faithful to respond to this survey so as not to let the results be skewed in favor of the bile-dripping, God-hating former Catholics so prevalent on this island.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cardinal Quisling's collaboration

In just two days our craven, cowardly, compromising joke of a Cardinal will, by his actions, publicly give sanction to mortal sin when he will serve as Grand Marshal of a St. Patrick's Day parade that has, for the first time, allowed a homosexual group to march under its own banner. Since he took his seat here, Cardinal Dolan has made it quite clear that he fully supports the gay agenda, by doing absolutely nothing to oppose gay marriage in New York, by publicly applauding the gay pride group at St. Francis Xavier, and by sending a "Bravo!" to gay NFL player Michael Sam on the occasion of his coming out. But those actions, while appreciated and valued by the homosexual movement, were basically passive. What he will do in two days is the final bending of the knee, the public act of degradation and submissiveness. To add insult to injury, he makes the childishly specious argument that his participation is acceptable because the group is not endorsing homosexual acts but only showing pride in being homosexual. Pray for the soul of this bad shepherd and for the souls of all those he is leading to damnation.

St. Patrick's Day parade, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Satan's laughing with delight

Despite the repeated reassurances of the Cardinal, Catholic parishes throughout his domain are dropping like flies. Five Staten Island parishes have received a death sentence and numerous others are being merged with other parishes in what is no doubt a preliminary move towards future closures. With an example of local Catholic culture making national news, it is no wonder. Our priests have failed; we, the laity have failed. We have gone a-whoring after false gods of material gluttony, sexual hedonism and self-worship. Is it any wonder that such a people would allow the temples of their God to fall into ruin?

Some brief histories of the doomed parishes can be found here. One of the churches slated to be shuttered dates back to the 1850s. Four of the five churches are located on the North Shore. Two are located in one-time "ethnic" neighborhoods that are now mostly black and Hispanic. One is located in a neighborhood that still has a significant Italian population. The outlier- St. John Neumann- is only a few decades old and is located mid-island. Its parishioners claim that their church is in the black and debt-free. And that got me thinking.

Why aren't we being given the actual numbers that are the basis for these decisions? Every so often, the archdiocese simply releases a list of the condemned parishes, like some commissar from Stalinist Russia. Wouldn't it help the flock to understand the decision-making process if we were shown some solid numbers that said, for example, that Parish X brings in only $10,000 a year from its 50 parishioners and has operating expenses of $100,000 and a $50,000 debt? Wouldn't it be helpful if the archdiocese further justified its decisions by citing relevant demographic data or pragmatic arguments by saying, for example, that Parish X's 50 parishioners are all over 70 years of age and the church building will be condemned unless it has hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs to its roof and foundation? Those are legitimate arguments that no reasonable person could contest. But when the archdiocese just condemns a financially successful parish like St. John Neumann to extinction, on the basis of unknown and seemingly arbitrary criteria, it makes the curious Catholic wonder just what is going on here.

Assumption in New Brighton I could believe had problems. It was a small parish, built for people who lived within walking distance of the church. It is located within a mile radius of about 4 other Catholic churches. It was built for a specific ethnic group (Italians) that have long since fled the neighborhood. But St. Mary's in Port Richmond? Whenever I've driven by that place on Sundays, it has always been overflowing with Mexicans. St. Roch's in Port Richmond was never packed when I visited but it was always moderately well-attended. Similarly, St. Mary's in Rosebank seemed to have a fair number of parishioners. What are the actual numbers that doomed these parishes? What are the arguments?

Apart from the complete lack of transparency and accountability, Cardinal Dolan is showing his usual alacrity when it comes to secular initiatives by quickly suggesting that the closed churches be used for affordable housing. This Cardinal has probably extinguished more Catholic churches than John Calvin. There is no plan to reverse this trend, no plan to evangelize, no plan to re-catechize. There is no plan and no clue at the top of this hierarchy. We are a rudderless ship without a captain.