Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catholic concubinage

Just an observation: the Republican and Democratic candidates running for Staten Island Borough President are both "Catholic" and are both shacking up with concubines. To those who think I'm being "mean" by calling these women "concubines", I would direct their attention to the actual definition of the word:

 con•cu•bine [kong-kyuh-bahyn, kon-]

1. a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not legally married, especially one regarded as socially or sexually subservient; mistress.

1250–1300; Middle English  (< Anglo-French ) < Latin concubīna,  equivalent to concub-  (variant stem of concumbere  to lie together; see con-, incumbent) + -īna  feminine suffix

Jim Oddo, the 47 year old Republican, is a product of Catholic education from elementary school to college (St. Dorothy's, Farrell and Fordham). It doesn't appear to have had any effect. He is currently shacking up with Kim Petersen, a city attorney and a long-time girlfriend who is described as a "fiancee", a term which is- I suppose- a polite but meaningless euphemism that modern society awards to concubines after a sufficient time has passed with a single man. Oddo, a conservative by reputation, attended the gay wedding of City Council speaker Christine Quinn, making his disdain for marriage quite public. Not surprising; if anyone could sympathize with the arguments of gay marriage advocates, it would be him. After all, he's a practitioner of the philosophy summed up by the motto: "If you love/lust someone enough, exchange bodily fluids with them!" If you really believe that, then there is no room in your mind or soul for Sacramental marriage.

The Democrat Louis Liedy, a 66 year old divorcé, went to public schools, but was baptized by Monsignor Joseph Farrell (the high school's namesake) and attended St. Peter's church with his family as a youth. He is currently shacking up with a Linda Schrader (and her son!) on Ward Hill. No mention of the wife he put away in the 90s.

There's a lot that can be said about this: the utter impermeability of the souls of these men- and the generations they represent- to any influence of Catholic sexual morality and teaching about marriage, despite their ostensible marination in Catholic schools and Catholic culture; the horrible catechesis they no doubt received; the disgusting fact that concubinage is so socially acceptable nowadays that it is flaunted even by aspiring politicians; the fact that these corrupt Peter Pans are seemingly unable to commit to a woman; but personally, my take on this situation is that I won't be voting for either of these moral reprobates, neither of whom deserve to be elected dog catcher. I will not choose to be represented by such men as these. Bugs Bunny will be getting at least one write-in vote for Borough President this year.

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