Monday, July 27, 2009

Positive News

I was shocked to read this story about how the Archdiocese of Boston, MA is reviving the practice of Perpetual Adoration after 40 years. Yes, you read that right- in that city of over 600,000 people- in an archdiocese of over 1.8 million Catholics- in that Mecca of American Catholicism, the basic Catholic devotion of Perpetual Adoration has not been practiced in 40 years! It's no wonder that Boston has been electing baby killers and degenerates for the same period of time. It's no wonder that Boston was Ground Zero of the abuse scandal. It's no wonder that people can honestly speak about the "collapse" of Catholicism in Boston. Our brethren up there must be either immoral, amoral or just plain stupid. But I digress. I bring it up to thank God and give well-deserved accolades to the Guardians who keep the flame alive at Staten Island's Perpetual Adoration chapel at Alba House. I'm so proud that a remnant of Catholics in our little bedroom community can perform such a beautiful act of worship and sacrifice while mighty Boston had seemingly become the church that forgot Christ. Bravo!

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