Friday, May 21, 2010

Betrayal in Midland Beach.

The pastor of St. Margaret Mary parish in Midland Beach has secretly sold the church's convent- a convent the people of the parish scrimped and saved to build- to a group that is going to convert it into a mosque and Moslem community center. It's a mystery why this group would want to build in Midland Beach, which was a lily White area with few Moslems the last time I checked.

The motivations of the pastor, Fr. Keith Fennessy, can only be guessed at this point, but he is apparently a fanatical, left-wing multiculturalist, as he had rejected an offer from local developers in order to sell it to the Moslems, and whenever parishioners try to talk to him about this situation, "he accuses them of being bigots or racists." In a further insult, the street on which the convent is located is named after a Fire Captain who was killed on 9/11. The people of the parish and the community are so outraged that they are now calling for the pastor's dismissal (which won't happen) and impotently wondering what legal actions they can do to reverse this "done-deal" (which is nothing).

Whatever his motivations, this is a disgrace of monumental proportions. Does this priest have any comprehension of the disheartening symbolism of this action? We are supposed to be the Church Militant, carrying the Cross of Christ aloft, marching off to victory or martyrdom. Instead, we have compromising cowards for leaders, who actively connive to hand over our holy places to our enemies, who will now tear down the crucifixes and the icons, whitewash the Holy Name, and recite their infidel incantations over the building to "cleanse" it of the spirit of Christ. And our weak, Quisling priests and bishops will smile through their flabby, vapid faces and congratulate themselves for their masochistic act of degradation and submission to the enemies of the Faith. They probably take comfort in the thought that Allah and St. Ted Kennedy are smiling upon them from above, if these men believe in a spiritual world at all.

I realize we're supposed to love our enemies, but we're not supposed to surrender to them. And although most individual Moslems are not our physical enemies, Islam as a spiritual system is our age-old adversary, by Koranic injunction dedicated to our conversion or conquest. It is only by the Grace of God- and the swords and artillery of Catholic warriors- that Christendom was not reduced to complete dhimmitude in the past, when canonized Saints preached Crusade and fought under the banner of the Cross. In contrast, our Church today, like our political leadership, seems to be actively working for the other side. This action is an insult and an outrage. I look forward to seeing what the community and parish opposition will do.


Anonymous said...

Since when is a priest or even a pastor allowed to do ANYTHING without 1011 overlooking / overseeing / and generally overruling anything they do and making certain that their hand is firmly involved with every step. Just look at Cromwell Center's colapse. The local's granted a contract to criminals and neer-do-wells and was reversed toots sweet. I am anti sale but think about what you write. On the one hand you bash SIA for not looking beyond MAS and into the ''Brotherhood'' but you blame the entire debacle on Keith Fennessey. It seems to me that 1011 may well have tossed him under the bus. The issue here , I believe is with the ARCH and not the pastor. I acknowledge poor handling and even some arrogance on his part, but look to Manhattan

Anonymous said...

BTW the Cromwell analogy was the first that came to mind. No direct parallel but illustrative of bereauracracy

Staten Pilgrim said...

You might be right, but we just don't know. The original story did indeed quote local builders as saying that they had been in negotiations with the archdiocese, which eventually turned them down. However, I've seen no statement from the archdiocese denying that Fr. Fennessy was the moving force behind this deal. Even if the archdiocese had to give its approval to the deal, we don't really know how much oversight it usually applies to such real estate transactions. For all we know, the archdiocese may, in practice, act as a simple rubber stamp for local decision making. From what we have heard from Fr. Fennessy (calling opponents racists and bigots) it is obvious that he at least was a major supporter of the sale.

Anonymous said...

My experiance is that there is no ''rubber stamp'' The priests / Pastors / and any lay trustees or councils are under the thumb of 1011 . There is even a real estate department at 1011 ( I looked it up ) At the end of the day this is a business and anyone with ANY business acumen is not going to let a priest sell property. Pounce on 1011. And you won't see a statement that K.F. is not the driving force because THEY are driving the bus they threw him under. Keith Fennessey is on vacation for the month of June. There is a Vietnamese priest filling in for him at the moment. His re-assignment will come with many others on the traditional July 1 announcement where many religious are moved within the diocese. 1011 is filled with feckless bureaucrats. In this case , like many others they left those on the front lines out to dry. Again, I point to his handling this poorly and perhaps over-reacting to vitroil that I am sure he was awash in once the news broke, but the folks in the 'beach' need to target 1011 First Ave.