Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trahison des Clercs

The co-vicars of Staten Island, Msgrs. Dorney and Finn, have sent an open letter to the Advance calling for openness and civility from Catholics attending tonight's meeting with the Moslem American Society. This letter is an outrage.

If anyone should be admonished to display "civility", it should be the Moslems. Have Catholics held public protests calling for the subjugation and forced conversion of Moslem nations? Have Catholic priests preached terrorism and suicide bombing from the pulpit? Have Catholics cut off the heads of innocent Moslems? Have Catholics attacked and destroyed mosques or other Moslem holy places? Have Catholics waged a campaign of assassination against Moslem clerics? Have Catholics fired machine guns into crowds of Moslem worshippers? Have Catholics ethnically cleansed entire regions of Moslem people? Have Catholics flown planes into buildings full of Moslems? No, but these are all crimes that have been and are being perpetrated by Moslems all over the world against Catholics and other non-Moslems, yet our own Catholic leaders feel the need to publicly lecture us on proper behavior!

They give a passing nod to the "legitimate questions" of the Midland beach residents, but then reveal what they really believe are the self-evident answers to those questions, when they sing encomia to the MAS' "sensitivity" to the community, and express gratitude to the MAS for "its commitment to dialogue and to fostering a better understanding between Catholic and Islamic faith communities". So what these fools are really saying is that they understand that the ignorant, uninformed Catholics of Staten Island have heard a lot of crazy rumors about their good buddies in the MAS and gotten all stirred up by fear mongering, but once the MAS meets us face to face tonight and says "We are not terrorists", we need to believe them, shut up and get back to being good, quiet sacrificial lambs again.

Why, oh why, have we been cursed with these weak and feeble minded shepherds? What they value most is not the good of their flock or the promulgation of the Faith, or even the safety of their community. Like other non-entities in this politically correct age, what motivates these weak men at their core is to be seen as tolerant, open-handed multiculturalists who get plaudits from liberal newspapers and get invited to fine banquets with politicians. These men are not made of the stuff of a Thomas More or John Fisher. These are the types who bend with every wind and base their values on the prevailing opinions of the powerful. Any priest with a brain or a backbone would have nixed this sale at the very beginning solely on the basis of the disheartening symbolism, never mind the issue of having a terrorist-affiliated group in the neighborhood. Instead, these simpletons take the MAS' sweet words at face value and see the golden opportunity to win brownie points from the media by an act of submission to Islam.

These men need not be heeded. Canonized saints who are now in heaven went on Crusade to defend Christendom from Moslem takeover, so modern Catholics do not need to feel guilty about fighting this current invasion of our nations, despite what the Advance and the Judases in the Church try to tell us. This sale must not stand. We've been betrayed by our natural leaders in the government and in the Church. It looks like we'll have to stand up for ourselves, and I intend to do so tonight.


miasma54 said...

I can't agree with your assessment of the Crusades -- from my admittedly limited historical knowledge, at least one wave of Crusaders, having barely embarked for the Holy Land, went about massacring whole villagefuls of defenseless Jews in France,Germany and elsewhere as a warm-up for the main bout.

But there is no reasonable doubt that the MAS is tied to and supportive of terrorists and terrorism, religious extremism, and genocidal anti-Israel hatred.

See for example:,DB7611A2-02CD-43AF-8147-649E26813571,frameless.htm

Staten Islanders need to become informed and to act asap.

Staten Pilgrim said...

Really not the point. Islam is a religion of conquest that we need to contain. Many people, including myself, take inspiration from the deeds of the Crusaders in their wars against Islam. If their crimes against the Jews prevent you from admiring other things they did, that's fine. Everyone gets inspiration from different things. However, I myself find the ADL to be a vile group that is as anti-Christian as they are anti-Islamic. I'll use whatever useful information they have, but I would certainly never regard them as an ally.

Anonymous said...

the saddest part about all this is that you are generalizing Islam. the pictures you have posted are NOT representative of all muslims and Islam is NOT a religion of violence. The truth it that that there are extremists and a MAJORITY of muslims believe them to be NON muslims.

Staten Pilgrim said...

Yes, the majority of Moslems are not terrorists. That fact has zero relevance to the question of Islamic terrorism. The Koran tells believers to kill and subjugate the infidel. Islam is at heart a supremacist religion of violence and conquest. Those peaceful Moslems are not faithful Moslems, according to the standards of their own faith. So, no matter how peaceful a mosque or an Islamic community currently is, it is also an incubator of terrorism, which will eventually hatch a person or persons who will take their faith seriously and act on it.

miasma54 said...

I am not expert on the ADL, but am aware, of course, of its longstanding reputation (since 1913) as a leading organization fighting bigotry (of all kinds) at home, and its generally liberal (but not far liberal,in my opinion) stances (as it is, of course, a strong supporter of Israel, while the far left is generally Israel-hating).

So, I took a closer look at e-information, and I cannot find any examples of the ADL being "a vile anti-Christian as they are anti-Islamic" since I cannot find examples of the ADL being *either,* even a little. (The only "sin" I found might be that of omitting the issue of repression of Christian faith in various parts of the world.) I wish you would point out what you mean -- as I did when I stated that the MAS is closely tied to terrorist, jihadist and other extremist organizations. If you are referring to the ADL's position on Pope Pius XII's record vis-a-vis the Nazis and the Jews, or its opposition to Passion Plays that include anti-Jewish theology, or its scolding of Pat Robertson for bigotry-infused interpreation of Scripture, then you and I would have to strongly disagree on the issues, but I would ask you to look at the ADL's consistent effort to build interfaith bridges with Christians, examples being and and .

I ask not that you *accept* the ADL, but only that you be explicit when you accuse it of religious bigotry, since it is avowedly opposed to any and all bigotry.