Monday, March 14, 2011

Positive news: Priests for Life save Baby Joseph

Father Frank Pavone of Staten Island-based Priests for Life has managed to bring Baby Joseph out of the Canadian death clinic and bring him to a U.S. hospital where doctors still abide by the Hippocratic oath. Way to go, Father Pavone!


Lili said...

I am not comfortable with the claim that Priest for Life ( specifically Fr Frank Pavone has saved Baby Joseph. Many people work to help this little one, including the Franciscan Brothers of Peace! We don't see them blowing their horn at this moment!

I am always a bit troubled by priests that clamor for notice in a process like this. The photo I've seen with the baby look's like a fundraising tool to me.

God bless all those that have strived to help this little one. Especially his parents that have never stopped fighting for his well being.

Staten Pilgrim said...

Well, ok- all the groups that were involved deserve to be praised. But is that why we do good things like this? To get accolades? I think not. God knows all, and the Franciscans will be rewarded.

I have no problem with Fr. Pavone's publicity seeking. He represents an organization whose mission is to change public policy. He can't achieve that by hiding his light under a bushel basket and cultivating a retiring persona. Fr. Pavone's prominence might have been a powerful tool for effecting action in this case. With his name and the resources at his control, I don't think a hospital would have wanted to turn down his request to treat a sick baby. Publicity can be a powerful weapon.

Anonymous said...

Publicity is a powerful tool and should be handled with great care, especially for a priest who unfortunately, made himself appear arrogant by his own statements, but also gave a lot of negative publicity to those who diligently work in the pro-life movement. He also gave out misleading information without checking his sources on the Canadian helath care system which can not be compared at all to 'Obamacare' if you study and learn about it. I do not think it serves a higher purpose to make oneself look like a saviour when in fact, the money and power of any foundation/business comes from people from all walks of life. The information you stated is also incorrect. Having worked both sides of the border, I have seen atrocities in health care on both sides. It was not a "Canadian death clinic" but a hospital Consent and Capacity Board that made the decision. Also, it is only in the last ten years that recent health cut backs have given doctors far too much control in Canada. The Canadian medicare system has been in place for over 50 yrs. and only recently have things changed (Tommy Douglas, who founded Medicare was a pastor and was trying to ensure that poor people and everyone had access to health care instead of only the rich). The US also have been removing ventilators and feeding tubes in many states and so to assume that the US is better makes us Americans look ignorant when both systems are in need of great change - pointing fingers serves no purpose. Rather, we should all be working together as Pope JP II stated to ensure a culture of life. My friend was actively involved on the Canadian side and there were many Canadians and pro-life groups who did a help a great deal but remain nameless. Did you know that there are Priests for Life in Canada that Fr. Pavone 'trumped' as well as many others by not asking for their involvement or help? To be truly pro-life means showing respect for EVERYONE, not just for those who are at the beginning or ending of their lives. I think his approach should have been more humble and more in line with Jesus who is our best role model. If we trust in God and pray, He will make sure that we are provided for. I also know that it was Bobby Schindler and the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network who made the difference in giving this case international exposure, prior to Fr. Pavone's involvement. Hope that clears up some misconceptions and I'm thankful for all those involved who did it for the sake of Baby Joseph without any gain for themselves, knowing it was the right thing to do.

Staten Pilgrim said...

I'm not aware of Father Pavone's "arrogant" comments, but I haven't read every article relating to this case. Although your anxiety to defend the Canadian health care system and apportion credit in this case may very well be valid, they are just not high on my personal priority list. I'm just glad the baby was saved, and seemed to be doing well, when I last checked. I honor all the heroic people doing the holy work of saving innocent lives.