Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Naughty, naughty!

Nick Williams- tattooed, chain-smoking former lead singer of the Anteaters, recently hosted "The NY Pin Up Club: A Night of Burlesque" at The Full Cup in Stapleton. The NY Pin Up Club has been producing retro-themed photo shoots and performances for five years, "celebrating the classic charm" of old time strippers and porn models like Lily St. Cyr and Bettie Page. For $10 admission, the event promises "Fancy cocktails! DJs! Nick's body art! Semi-nudie networking!" Oh, by the way, the erotic evening's impresario, Mr. Williams, is also the "long-time music minister for Our Lady Star of the Sea"!


Joe Murray, OSA said...

....and your point is? Your spewing of hate filled rhetoric seems contrary to any mature view of Christianity beyond The Inquisition. God Forgive you!

Staten Pilgrim said...

Um, my point is that someone who occupies a position of responsibility in one of our churches is also publicly involved in a scandalous and immoral side activity. What about that do you not understand? Speak to the point. Don't use weasel words and politically correct platitudes. How is one activity compatible with the other?