Friday, October 19, 2012

Shrinking Moore?

Moore Catholic High School recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. No, the goonish student body did not mark the occasion by any sort of vandalism, rioting or debauchery, as they are wont to do. It was just the usual round of back-slapping and self-congratulatory accolades by the faculty. In fact, they celebrated with a $150 per head gala dinner in September. What caught my eye from the article was the fact that the student body, which once numbered 1000 students, is now down to 500 which is odd considering that the population of Staten Island is exploding and Moore is still located in an all-White, upper-middle-class neighborhood, unlike St. Peter's girls school, which recently fell victim to the 50 year demographic murder of the North Shore. So, why the slump in enrollment at Moore? Is it simply the astronomical cost to attend the school, or is it yet another sign of Staten Island Catholics' ongoing apostasy and rejection of the Church?
Mary Young Moore
Countess Mary Young Moore

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