Monday, September 2, 2013

Desecration of the Pulpit

As we noted in our previous post, the bishops are so passionate about giving away our country to the Third World that they are ordering priests in two dozen specially targeted dioceses to preach support for Obama's immigration reform (amnesty and open borders) on September 8th. At least one Staten Island church started the ball rolling early. On August 25th, the lily-White South Shore parish I sometimes attend witnessed a sneak preview of the bishops' upcoming nationwide indoctrination day.

On this day, the American deacon gave the homily, instead of the foreign pastor with the indecipherable accent; apparently, this message was so important that the powers-that-be really wanted to make sure we understood it (as opposed to the run-of-the-mill God stuff, which is dealt with perfunctorily in a dialect we can't comprehend). He explained that we as Catholics must support the euphemistically named "immigration reform" because 1. Pope John Paul II's Catechism declares that we must be nice to immigrants, even to "undocumented" migrants, which is what he calls illegal aliens; 2. About 50% of immigrants are Catholics; and 3. Immigrants are just great folks, who start businesses and are all-around fine people.

No one said anything. No one reacted. I imagine that the deacon could have preached the virtues of Satanism and no one in this congregation of supine, slack-jawed and practically comatose Catholics would have stirred an inch. I can't imagine that they really believed in what he said, that is, if they were forced to take a stand on it. After all, a good 90% of these people had probably fled Brooklyn and the North Shore with their tails between their legs specifically to avoid living among dark-skinned newcomers. However, it's equally as true that they'd never admit it, which is why they'd probably voice support for "immigration reform" and then flee to New Jersey or upstate NY the moment the first wave of amnestied Mexicans start moving into Tottenville.

However, one angry man did say something to the deacon afterwards. All I heard was "Preach the Gospel, not the Democratic Party platform." Took the words right out of my mouth. This issue has nothing to do with Catholicism. The Bible tells us not to mistreat the sojourner, which by no stretch of the imagination could be interpreted to mean we are obligated to legalize 20 million illegal invaders and throw open the borders for their extended families. The new Catechism enjoins "the more prosperous nations" to welcome the foreigner "to the extent they are able". To that I would say:

1. with our economy the way it is, and with the social disruption attendant with mass Third World immigration, we are not able to accommodate any more people. Sorry- the country's full and we have millions of our own unemployed and underemployed to worry about.

2. I seriously doubt that previous generations of Catholics regarded this as a moral issue. Was this mentioned in the Baltimore Catechism? The Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent? Is "maintaining borders" mentioned as a sin in any Confessor's Manual that we know of?  Remember, the ancient test of doctrine was whether it was believed always, everywhere and by everyone. Did the Catholic Church, before 1985 or so, believe that the "prosperous nations" have a duty to give citizenship to whoever hopped a fence or stayed illegally?  I think not. This is a newly invented moral crusade by leftist-influenced clerics and can be dismissed as politically motivated nonsense.


Gigi said...

I will not sit through one of these Democratic Party Platform homilies.
I will stand up, make a little noise in order to attract some attention and say "I will not take this sitting down". Walk down the main aisle of the church Then I will stand at the back of the church- I will not leave Mass. I will take communion.
I hope the homilist is prepared to discuss CCC 2241 - especially the part where immigrants are obliged to obey the laws of the host country and assist in carrying civic burdens.

Staten Pilgrim said...

Gigi- do you think the priest cares if you make a bit of commotion and stand in the back of the church? After all, most of the people in church could be considered a disruption, with their talking, their inappropriate clothing, their texting, etc. Would the priest even notice you? I think the guy I overheard had the right idea. We have to verbally confront these people face-to-face. These people are so accustomed to having everyone approve everything they say. They must be made to suffer consequences when they get up and proclaim open borders or some such offensive nonsense. Being cowardly men, they absolutely dread confrontation and- I think- enough confrontation will force them to adjust their actions.