Wednesday, December 17, 2014

O tempora o mores

Some miscellaneous and disparate news items and observations:

  • Rorate Caeli has a brilliant article about the Orwellian language at play in the Vatican's transparent attempt to subvert Catholic doctrine and manufacture a new Gospel based on secular sexual practices. Obfuscation and language perversion is indeed a favored tactic of these men but, in a sign that they are confident in their unassailable position, it appears as if they are also taking the gloves off now and eschewing subtlety. The Vatican's own instructions for next year's follow-up Synod on the Family overtly demands that attendees avoid reference to doctrine when coming up with a "solution" to the irregular relationships of homosexuals and bigamists. The fix is in and it is looking more and more as if this Pope is fully behind the revolution: he wants Communion for the divorced and remarried and he wants integration for practicing homosexuals. The consequence of such "pastoral" contradiction of dogmatic teaching would have the most dire consequence, namely, the final and authoritative suicide of the Catholic Church. 
  • This wonderful interview with Cardinal Burke deals with the matter of the impending betrayal of Catholicism by our hierarchy, and other topics as well. 
  • I noticed that a local church had an advertisement in its bulletin for a book called "Romans 8" by someone named Teacher Shekinat Ayodele Ikioda (I'm not sure if "Teacher" is a title or a given name).The book's amazon page doesn't have anything that would indicate that it is a Catholic book. On the contrary, the book blurb trumpets its "Christian" message. Have we sunk so low that we're now marketing Protestant books? How they must be laughing in their sleeves at our stupidity!
  • The latest issue of Catholic New York included a pull-out color section which displayed, in yearbook fashion, all the seminarians and students at the Seminary in Yonkers. Not a single one was from Staten Island. 


Gertrude Slojinsky said...

Good Lord, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Was there a toxic spill on your Staten Island? If so, that would go far in explaining how this Pilgrim has ended up so soft in the head. Such astounding ignorance. Such colossal pride. Please spill the beans: Have you set a date for your own canonization? But take heart. Based on what I have read here, this Pilgrim is no more in union with Rome than was Ian Paisley. And we didn't pay him any heed either.

Staten Pilgrim said...

To which of my comments could you_possibly_object to, unless you a heretic yourself?

aleksandr solzhenitsyn said...

Hello Trudi. So you found the blog that we referenced last Autumn in the lecture. Persnickety fellow, isn't he! But if you will recall what I mentioned in the lecture, you Romans are particularly adept at raising up specimens like this one; Busy waving papal bulls with one hand and in all probability tossing with the other. He does fit the profile to a tee!

Staten Pilgrim said...

How amusing. Two British weirdos are slagging me off in a private conversation on my own blog. I'd love to exactly know what it is that these hothouse flowers object to.