Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pseudo-Catholic Staten Islanders

The Rev. Michael Martine, former pastor of St. Joseph's in Rosebank and current pastor of Holy Rosary, recently penned an opinion piece for the Advance in which he, calmly and dispassionately, laid forth the Church's position on euthanasia. This is noteworthy first because a local Catholic priest has actually shown a bit of courage and and took a public stand on a somewhat controversial issue. That in itself is as noteworthy as Halley's Comet. But the second thing about this article to note is the vitriol expressed in the comments section of the article. It has garnered more than 200 mostly negative comments, which is even more than is usually left for those other subjects which outrage Staten Islanders the most: namely Al Sharpton and potholes. Nothing gives pseudo-Catholic Staten Islanders more apoplexy than a Catholic priest actually telling them what is right and wrong. It is true that ex-Catholics usually make the worst anti-Catholics, but it is also true that pseudo-Catholics- that basically pagan breed- so prevalent on Staten Island- who hate the Faith but inexplicably retain the identity, are a pretty nasty enemy as well.

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Vertuso said...

It isn't about a choice to end life that is really any of your Catholic cultist business, nor the business of your priest. Your "RELIGION" has no business in my life's affairs nor my decision of whether or not to continue a life of pain and deterioration with no hope of recovery.