Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another humiliation. Another defeat

Late in the afternoon last Friday it was reported that the St. Francis Center for Spirituality was on the verge of being sold to a "religious organization". In addition to the secrecy surrounding this sale, as well as the euphemistic term being used for this shadowy buyer, it is speculated that an Islamic organization- perhaps the MAS (Muslim American Society) which was thwarted in its designs on the St. Margaret Mary convent- will soon be sounding the call to prayer from minarets where bells once rang to announce the Eucharistic Sacrifice. As one of the commentators on silive said, "The Catholic Church is giving up on Catholics".

Whether the mystery buyer does turn out to be a Moslem organization or a Hindu temple, a Protestant worship center or a Jewish shul, the fact remains that a sacred space of God's One True Faith- where once God's priests were trained up for His service and where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was once offered-  will now be turned over for profanation and blasphemy, with crosses torn down, statues smashed, icons trashed, and the images of God and his saints defaced and whitewashed; perhaps the fate that befell Mount Manresa would be preferable to that which is going to happen to the St. Francis Friary. And our Catholic leaders do....what?

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