Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SI clergy to city: "Please Masters, allow us to exist!"

So, our Catholic leaders on Staten Island finally got around to responding to the removal of the Nativity scene from the ferry terminal. And what did they do? Monsignors Finn and Dorney, along with Reverend O'Hara from St. Theresa's, wrote a letter to the Advance. They whined that our feelings were hurt, and offered as a remedy- in all seriousness- to allow ALL the religious symbols of the season to be displayed in the Ferry. So, our Catholic leaders believe that it would be an acceptable solution for the likeness of our Lord, humanity's Savior, to be displayed along with the Channukah menorah, the Moslem crescent for Ramadan, and whatever other symbols any other religion chooses to put up. I'm sure the Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Jains, pagans, Festivus followers, et al, have major or minor holidays in December, so if these priests' suggestion is followed, the Ferry terminal would look like a pantheon of gods. That would be equally as unacceptable as our Lord being banished. There should have been protests, there should have been street theater. There should have been live nativity scenes, with Catholic volunteers dressing up as the primary characters. There should have been ACTION, not just a pathetic letter to the editor from our tired, fatuous leaders.

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