Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who will stand up for Jesus?

The Advance reports that the city has removed a manger scene from the Ferry terminal after receiving some complaints. A menorah and a "holiday tree" will remain, as they are not religious symbols, according to the officials. This sort of anti-Christian assault is nothing new in this country. But my question is what will our Catholic "leaders" on Staten Island do about it? What action will they take? What kind of example will they show? Will it be one of courage and constructive proactivity? Or will they scandalize us with their cowardice and craven submission to the secular order? In light of the whole Midland Beach mosque controversy earlier this years, one can safely guess what the answer will be.

In a postscript, this article tells us the answer to the question posed in my headline. The black Protestant ministers of Staten Island will stand up for Jesus in this latest battle of the culture wars, while our Catholic priests and bishops cringe in terror and do absolutely usual.

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