Monday, February 7, 2011

Gospel here! Get your Gospel here! Red Hot Gospel! Only $10!

The heretofore unknown to me Mother Franciska House of Prayer is sponsoring a series of religious talks at their location on the campus of St. Joseph Hill Academy. The "suggested donation" for each talk is $10. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Is the Gospel for sale? Isn't the Gospel something that belongs to everyone? Shouldn't priests and nuns want to seize every chance they can get to preach the Gospel and save souls, whether or not there's a profit involved? Isn't this the very definition of simony? I realize it's only a "suggested" donation, but if it's important enough to them that they mention in the newspaper, I would guess that it would be a very strong suggestion at the door, which few people would have the strength to resist. I for one would be discouraged from attending an event with such a suggestion. However, I would have no problem with them humbly asking for money in an unobtrusive way once I arrived. I would be happy to donate money to the good sisters, if I were able. But to post admission like this is very distasteful, and reflects very badly on our Faith and our commitment to evangelization.

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