Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wrestling, Islam, and Goodfellas

A few items of interest: of all the things we Catholics need, Mount Manresa feels that they are serving us best by hosting a $30 per person talk by a Fordham professor about the glories of Islam. Wasn't Mount Manresa founded to be a retreat house for the spiritual edification of Catholics, not an event venue for the Staten Island Council of Churches?

Moore Catholic high school is again hosting a major "pro"-wrestling extravaganza in its school gym. Tickets are between $20 to $30. This is embarrassing. Has Moore ever hosted a Catholic speaker? Or a vocations meet and greet with religious orders? Anything related to the Faith? I don't think so, but they roll out the red carpet every year for these vulgar barbarians and the slack-jawed, bloodthirsty morons who pay to see them pretend to fight.

Not a Staten Island story, but it bears on the state of our Church. Catholic New York ran an announcement for a talk at a Manhattan church. For $15, you will get to watch the movie "Goodfellas" in a Catholic church, and then get to hear a talk by a Fordham professor.  Enough said.

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