Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm ok, you're ok. Why be Catholic?

The annual Christian Unity jamboree was recently held at St. Teresa's. I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend. I'm sure it would have been as amusing and frustrating as the last one I witnessed. The usual suspects got together to sing "We Shall Overcome" and honor Martin Luther King. So....this might be an awkward question, but how's that unity thing coming? Are the non-Catholic participants any closer to recognizing their errors and re-uniting with Christ's Church? Or were they confirmed in their beliefs by the general promotion of "tolerance", "diversity" and "co-existence"? Let us remember that this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was begun with the intention of having Catholics pray for the eventual conversion of all Christians to Catholicism. However, like so much in the Church, the original meaning was subverted and the idea was co-opted by the liberal destroyers. The next disgraceful surrender on the calendar should be Father O'Hara's annual Passover seder.

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